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Program Title: "Are You a Toxic Waste Dump?"
Dates: Tuesday,  January 8, 2019/Thursday, January 10, 2019
Time:  12:00pm to 1:00pm/6:00pm to 7:00pm
          Many of the degenerative diseases that we die from today have their roots in toxic exposures and toxin accumulation in the body. Learn how toxins affect the body, where they come from, how they are detected, how to reduce your exposure and what can be done to rid your body of them before they cause poor health and you become another statistic.  
      Are You a Toxic Waste Dump? Looks at the toxic exposures that we are all subjected to and offers advice for avoidance.  But, beyond that, Dr Bulitta outlines a strategy for removing toxins, recharging the body's nutrient resources thereby giving the body what it requires for the attainment of true health.  
Presenter: Henry W. Bulitta, Jr., D.C. Owner / President of Veritas Health Analytics LLC and Progressive Chiropractic, Inc. 
Phone: 610-644-5880
Website:  or
Dr. Henry Bulitta is a 30 year veteran in healthcare.  He is the President of Veritas Health Analytics LLC and Progressive Chiropractic Inc. in Paoli.  Dr. Bulitta has worked with many patients from all walks of life and has guided them from a myriad of health issues to improved health often when other approaches have failed.  Recent changes in healthcare have led to the patient being all but forgotten and searching in vain for workable solutions to the problems they face.  
Since its inception, Veritas Health Analytics has picked up where healthcare has left off; using gentle, effective and natural methods.  Dr Bulitta's programs include diet, supplementation and tailored exercise regimens.  We work mostly with failed cases and refugees from medicine.

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